Last Night I Went To the Map of the World and I Have Messages for You

America says it has misplaced your number.
I wasn’t comfortable giving it out. I said
I’d let you know.

Africa’s birthday is this weekend.
There’s a party. No gifts.
                                        Just come.

If you’re planning to go, Greece wants
to know if it can get a lift. Awkwardly
so does Turkey.

Russia wanted me to say The worm knows
the cabbage but the worm dies first.
I have no idea what that means. Do you?

Japan looked really uncomfortable all night
but never spoke. Is something going on?

Ireland asked to be remembered.
I sang to it for you.

I didn’t get to connect with Europe
but, as the French say, Isn’t that just
                                                            too bad.

Is that everyone? Oh yes, the oceans.
They asked what they always ask
and I promised I’d repeat it,
                              Why do you never call?
                                     When are you coming home?



© Brendan Constantine, all rights reserved. This poem originally appeared in the anthology Blue Arc West. It is featured in Letters To Guns.