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  • Sat

    Poetry Workshop with me and Peggy Dobreer

    11:00 amCamer Obscura Art Lab - 1450 Ocean Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90401

    CHANGING GEARS - Peggy Dobreer and I will be offering a new generative workshop that encourages a change of approach. What happens when we think of the poem as mechanism like a clock, but a clock that measures time in all directions? Or is the poem is a kind of mind - does it think? Can a poem interview its author? What might it ask about itself? Join us in a collaborative generative workshop that reconsiders the creative impulse, communion, and surprise. No experience necessary.


    Visit the Active site to register - https://www.active.com/santa-monica-ca/classes/poetry-workshop-with-brendan-and-peggy-2019

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