Upcoming Readings and Workshops

  • Thu
    6:00 pmVirtual Event

    In the fall of 2020 I began working with a group of writers in Wisconsin, all dealing with Aphasia or Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). Over the last 19 months, they have distinguished themselves as passionate and inventive poets. On June 16th, Beyond Baroque (!!!) will be hosting them for a reading from their newly released chapbook, ‘I Don’t Think I Did This Right.’ This will be a fun event and I promise you’ll want to grab a pen afterward.

    It won't be a long night, but it WILL be a rewarding one. Please join us!

    The event is free, but Beyond Baroque could always use a little help. Please consider membership! 

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  • Mon

    It is my profound honor to be invited by the Fine Arts Work Center to offer a special edition of my generative workshop 'The Art of getting It Wrong' as part of their 24 PearlStreet program. The Work Center (whose founders include Stanley Kunitz, Robert Motherwell, Myron Stout and Jack Tworkov) has dedicated itself to supporting emerging artists for over fifty years. I can't believe I get to join this tradition.  

    For one week, I'll do my best to keep you excited about your own work. We'll create lots of new poetry while discussing and exploring the history of the art, alternative ways of understanding it, and writing through distraction. If you've taken previous iterations of this workshop before, I promise this will feel new. No experience necessary, sufferers of Writer's Block strongly encouraged.

    The Art of Getting It Wrong - $575
    Aug 15-18 at 12pm-2pm, Pacific Time (3pm-5pm, Eastern)

If you’d like to book a reading or workshop, please ask!