Brendan Constantine was born in Los Angeles, the second child of two working actors, and named after Irish playwright Brendan Behan. An ardent supporter of Southern California’s poetry communities and one of its most recognized poets, he has served as a teacher of poetry in local schools and colleges since 1995.

His first collection, ‘Letters to Guns,’ was released in February 2009 from Red Hen Press to wide acclaim. This was followed in 2011 by ‘Birthday Girl With Possum,’ under the performance based publisher Write Bloody, and established Mr. Constantine as a poet equally at home on the page and the stage.  His work can be found in many of the nation’s standards, including Ploughshares, Poem-a-Day, Virginia Quarterly, Rattle, Field, and Chautauqua. New work appears or is forthcoming in Driftwood, Artillery, Prairie Schooner, Tin House, and Best American Poetry. His most recent collection is ‘Dementia, My Darling’ (2016). A long awaited chapbook, ‘Bouncy Bounce,’ is expected this Fall from Blue Horse Press.

Mr. Constantine has received grants and commissions from the Getty Museum, James Irvine Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. A popular performer, Brendan has presented his work to audiences throughout the U.S. and Europe, also appearing on NPR’s All Things Considered, KPFK’s Poetry Cafe, numerous podcasts, and YouTube. He currently teaches creative writing at the Windward School.

In addition, he brings poetry workshops to veterans, hospitals, foster care centers, & shelters for the homeless. He is also very proud of his work with the Alzheimer’s Poetry Project. He spent much of 2017 working with speech pathologist Michael Biel to create one of the first poetry workshops for people dealing with Aphasia.