Upcoming Readings and Workshops

  • Thu
    6:00 pmThis is an on line event

    I'm delighted to be back at the Poetry Lab. Poet and curator Danielle Mitchell is a powerhouse and if you don't know 'the Lab,' this is a great time to discover it!

    Join me for a unique craft + generative workshop dedicated to clarity in difficult times. After 3 weeks of classes, the session will break for the fall holiday (Thursday, November 26). Over this break, students will be encouraged to revise and refine 3 poems they have written during the workshop. Then we're all going to read together for a live virtual performance on Thursday, December 3rd at 6pm PST! This event will be free and open to the public.
    For registration and more information, visit:  thepoetrylab.com/reversed-thunder
  • Wed
    7:00 pmThis is an on line event

    Legendary conservatory of the arts, Beyond Baroque presents a special four-week course with me (!) to take us into the New Year. Are you ready to say GOOD BYE to 2020? I AM!

    From Beyond Baroque's website -  In this unusual class, participants will liberate their strongest poetry by embracing its opposite. “Sometimes, in order to strike gold,” he says, “you must dig through lots of mud. You must accept that no matter how skilled and experienced you may be, your worst writing always lies ahead of you.” In addition to creating new poems, students will discuss and explore the problems of saying the ‘unsayable.’ “We [poets] will never describe consciousness, but we might be able to share it. And any job worth doing, is worth doing badly.”

    Visit eventbrite for details here:






New bookings will appear here soon. Trying to be safe during this uncertain time. If you’d like to book an on-line reading or workshop, please just ask!