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    6:30 pmThis is an on line event

    I'm thrilled to announce that I've been invited back by Awful Good Writers  to offer another workshop.  'Liars Wanted,' is a four-week generative course for poets blinded by the blank page.  Writer's Block is seldom a shortage of magic. In fact, it's usually a surplus of judgement. Come lie your head off and rediscover the freedoms that drew you to poetry in the first place. Participants will engage with a variety of exercises and resources, selected to restore wonder in your art.

    Each class will end with at least one ‘no-pressure’ assignment, designed to liberate your own style. This is not a class where you learn to write like someone else. "I promise you will write during every session and surprise yourself at the end of each week." Skeptics encouraged. Fabulists preferred. Liars wanted.

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