Poems by Brendan Constantine


A Little Black

Cold Reading

Before the Flood

Difficult Listening Time


Lecture on Emmett Till

The Need to Leave

Last Night I Went To the Map of the World and I Have Messages for You

In The Houses Of The Night

Brendan’s Poetry on Other Sites

Hear Brendan Constantine read his poems at these publication websites:

Virginia Quarterly Review

Verse Daily

Ghost Town

Courtland Review

2 River


Brendan Blogs for Poets & Writers

Brendan Constantine was ‘Writer in Residence’ for Poets & Writers in September. Check out these blogs on writing, teaching, and the life of poetry!

Blog 1 – Brendan Constantine Finds Poetry Outside His Window

September 3, 2012

Blog 2 – Brendan Constantine Listens for the Wow Signal
September 10, 2012

Blog 3 – Idle Hands are the Poet’s Playground:
Brendan Constantine on Taking a Chance
September 17, 2012

Blog 4 – “Temple Words”:
Brendan Constantine on Being a Poet in Public
September 24, 2012