Bouncy Bounce

Bouncy Bounce
Brendan Constantine’s Bouncy Bounce is his 8th chapbook. Click here to purchase Bouncy Bounce

Click here to purchase Bouncy Bounce

Originally conceived to help his students understand how to create collections of their own work, this little book “began to breathe on its own.”


Praise for Bouncy Bounce

More than Constantine’s other works, Bouncy Bounce, as the title suggest, is a buoyant volume of poetry; highly enjoyable, and quick to breeze through, until you find yourself mesmerized, and then, like a wayward ball on the playground, it smacks square you in the face. There’s a trick built into Bouncy Bounce, like that infamous scene from Lawrence of Arabia, where Lawrence imparts to Potter, his British comrade, “The trick, William Potter, is not minding that it hurts.”

Marie C. Lecrivain, Poetic Diversity

This surprise new collection reminds us Brendan sees the world with eyes open wider than the instruments will measure. Let him be your teacher on these pages. You have everything to un-learn. You will never bounce so high.

—Rick Lupert, Donut Famine, creator of Poetry Super Highway

In addition to the man who starts oceans instead of fires, children who give birth to their parents, and a skeleton in First Class, Brendan Constantine’s ‘Bouncy Bounce’ is inhabited by lyrical, hilarious, heartbreaking genius. This isn’t just a masterful collection: for anyone who identifies as human, it’s essential.

—Julia Ingalls, author, Rare Bird Lit