Bouncy Bounce / October 2018 / Blue Horse Press

Bouncy Bounce
‘Bouncy Bounce’ is the latest chapbook from poet Brendan Constantine. Assembled and titled on a dare from one of his middle school students, Constantine has created a strange and often haunting glimpse into the life of a poetry teacher. These are deeply personal poems, resonating with the world at large and out into the stars. “Say this aloud: A sky is not a river; it won’t deepen if you fall in.”

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Praise for Bouncy Bounce

“This surprise new collection reminds us Brendan sees the world with eyes open wider than the instruments will measure. Let hime be your teacher on these pages. You have everything to un-learn. You will never bounce so high.”

– Rick Lupert, author  ‘God Wrestler’,
..Creator of Poetry Super Highway

“In addition to the man who starts oceans instead of fires, children who give birth to their parents, and a skeleton in First Class, Brendan Constantine’s ‘Bouncy Bounce’ is inhabited by lyrical, hilarious, heartbreaking genius. This isn’t just a masterful collection: for anyone who identifies as human, it’s essential.”

– Julia Ingalls, Author Rare Bird Lit